Prostate Cancer Support Group Gibraltar

Bringing cutting edge technology to St Bernard’s Hospital in Gibraltar

Prostate cancer is one of the three most common cancers in the world. But it can be difficult to take biopsies from the prostate. This means doctors sometimes have to take samples on several different occasions, and some early-stage cancers may go undetected.

We’re part-funding some new technology that will help health professionals get accurate biopsies, safely and more easily. Our matched grant of £92,689, along with similar amount raised by the charity, will help Prostate Cancer Gibraltar to buy a cutting-edge urology ultrasound machine, which can help guide biopsies for St Bernard’s Hospital in Gibraltar.


                        • Around 100 men a year in Gibraltar are referred to hospital with suspected prostate cancer.
                        • Around 50 men and women are referred to hospital with a history of renal stones.
                        • Our grant £92,689 will help Prostate Cancer Gibraltar buy a cutting-edge urology ultrasound machine to help with prostate cancer diagnosis – and other urology issues like renal stones.

                        Supportive care for men affected by prostate cancer

                        As well as helping diagnose suspected prostate cancer, the ultrasound machine will available for anyone who is referred to the urology department, for example with a history of renal stones (approximately 50 per year) and many other patients using the hospital’s urology clinic.

                        The support group is part of Prostate Cancer Gibraltar, a charity that advocates the highest quality of treatment and supportive care for men affected by prostate cancer and prostate related diseases across Gibraltar. Kusuma Trust has been supporting the charity for many years and previously helped too establish the Kusuma Trust Prostate Cancer Clinic (more info here) at St Bernard’s hospital. Watch the Prostate Cancer Gibraltar video here and see what the charity has been doing to raise funds and support people throughout 2021.

                        “Prostate Cancer Gibraltar wants to increase the number of men who survive prostate related diseases and prostate cancer in particular in Gibraltar. We firmly believe that early detection saves lives. Prostate Cancer Gibraltar thanks Kusuma Trust for their generosity and support. We are grateful for their cooperation and for working together with us to jointly fund this ambitious project.”

                        Mr Derek Ghio, Chair, Prostate Cancer Gibraltar

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