Create (Arts)

Breaking down barriers

Creativity and connections are vital to us as human beings. Yet, according to Scope, over a fifth of young people admit avoiding talking to a disabled person because they’re unsure how to. According to Arts Council England, disabled people are less likely to participate in arts activities. ‘creative:connection’ by Create (Arts) is bringing young people from special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) schools and mainstream schools together in art workshops where they’ll forge friendships and build understanding as well as create art.

We are pleased to support Create (Arts) with a grant of £25,000 for creative:connection. Our grant will allow eight schools – four SEND and four mainstream – to take part in six days of art workshops at no cost to the school. Up to 96 young people will interact and learn from each other in a fun and informal learning environment. 

  • So far Create (Arts) has worked with over 11,500 people with special educational needs and disabilities.
  • 97% of creative:connection participants say they enjoyed learning from Create (Arts)
  • 94% of participants say that their teamwork skills were enhanced by taking part in creative:connection.

Creating together

Create (Arts) will pair up a SEND and a mainstream school. They’ll work with each pair of schools to tailor the workshops to the schools’ needs and young people’s interests. Working in pairs and groups, young people will develop friendships, communication and teamwork skills. At the end of the workshops the young participants will exhibit their work to their peers, families and Create (Arts).

creative:connection gives young disabled people access to the power of creativity as part of Create (Arts)’s work to build a society in which everyone has access to the educational, social and life-enriching benefits of the creative arts. For information on our previous partnership with Create (Arts), click here.

“Without Create (Arts) we would not be able to bring our students together to break down barriers and develop
creativity in such a memorable and meaningful way.”

Staff member from a creative:connection participant school

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