Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and CW+, Critical Care Project

World-class intensive care units for babies and adults

Every year, the Emergency Department at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital sees over 325,000 patients. Its maternity service delivers nearly 11,000 babies. Already one of the busiest hospitals in the country, demand is increasing rapidly.

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and their charity arm CW+ are working together on a £25 million expansionof the intensive care unit (ICU) and the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). It means the hospital can care for 500 more critically ill adults and 150 more babies every year.

  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is one of the best performing trusts in the country.
  • 500 more adults and 150 more babies will be able to be cared for every year at Chelsea and Westminster Hospitalafter its expansion is complete in 2020.
  • We’re funding a brand new overnight room for patients’ families to stay in and a research and training facility.

New standards in holistic care

Having a loved one in hospital can be incredibly stressful, particularly when you have to travel long distances to be by their side. Our £200,000 of match funding will pay for one of two overnight rooms on the ICU for patients’ families to stay in. The hospital is working with artists and designers to ensure the rooms are warm, welcoming and comfortable, with the best facilities to support families.

Our grant is also helping fund a teaching and research facility which will offer a mix of patient monitoring, data gathering and teaching sessions for the ICU’s multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, psychologists and research scientists.

The stress of serious illness can have a big impact on mental health – affecting not only patients and their families, but also healthcare professionals. The new facility will also house a psychological support service. Its goal is to reduce rates of psychological distress and improve patient, family and staff satisfaction.

“This hospital is setting new standards in holistic care for patients and their families,” says Soma, Kusuma Trust’s Executive Trustee. “Having trained as a doctor myself, I know these improvements will not only expand the number of patients that can be seen, but also improve the medical attention they receive and their experience of being in hospital.”

Work began on the redevelopment in July 2018 and both units are expected to be finished by Autumn 2020.

“With the support of Kusuma Trust, we are completely redeveloping and expanding our Intensive Care Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, enabling us not only to care for more patients but provide better accommodation for visiting families.”
Chris Chaney, Chief Executive of CW+

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