Gibraltar International Dance Festival

Supporting Gibraltar’s gifted dancers

From flamenco to jazz, classical to street, the stage is open to all styles of dance at Gibraltar’s annual International Dance Festival. Solo dancers and groups of all ages, from around the world, fly in to perform.

The event attracts around 350 dancers, along with thousands of spectators. Prizes include the chance to represent Gibraltar at the Sussex Festival for Dance and Song

An educational, cultural and social experience

As fans of the festival, and the benefits it brings to local dancers of all ages, we gave a grant to help with costs. This included bringing the international adjudicator from the British Federation of Festivals to Gibraltar.

“The International Gibraltar Stage Dance Festival is an educational, cultural and social experience and a platform for young people to showcase their work,” says Soma, Kusuma Trust’s Executive Trustee. “It was a pleasure to support the event, which provides an amazing opportunity for local dancers, and help raise its international profile.”

The festival’s producer, M.O. Productions, is a not-for-profit organisation which puts on local and international dance and cultural events in Gibraltar. The dance festival is also affiliated to the British Federation of Festivals and the Gibraltar National Dance Organisation, which is responsible for sending local dancers to represent Gibraltar at international events.

“Our Organisation is extremely grateful to the Kusuma Trust for their association with our annual international festival.”
Seamus Byrne, Director, M.O. Productions

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