Dulwich Picture Gallery

Greening the Gallery’s grounds

Dulwich Picture Gallery has an ambitious plan to transform its grounds. Currently just half of the Gallery’s three acres is accessible to the public and overall the grounds lack ecological value and diversity. A new plan to increase the amount of accessible external space and to create a species-rich meadow, woodlands and hedgerows will remarkably improve the use of this space.

We’re supporting the project with a grant of £200,000. Our award will help convert an area of low ecological value into a haven of biodiversity and increase the amount of the Gallery’s grounds that are accessible to the public by 57%.

  • Dulwich Picture Gallery was founded in 1811.
  • The project will increase biodiversity on the Gallery’s grounds by at least 17%.
  • A hundred new volunteer roles will be created.

A space for people and nature

Around one hectare of the Gallery’s grounds will be planted with wildflowers, native trees and hedgerows to create a habitat for amphibians, mammals, invertebrates and breeding birds. Bee banks and bird and bat boxes will be installed, and piles of logs added for insects, spiders, and worms.

New paths and lighting will make the full extent of the Gallery’s grounds accessible to everyone for the first time. The Gallery aims to double annual visitor numbers to 300,000 and double school visits to 10,000 children a year by 2026/27. The project will also create more opportunities for volunteering and community outreach.   

“One of the richest parts of British ecosystems are meadows edged with trees. In terms of biodiversity and human enjoyment, it’s probably the best that you can get. Given the focus on people enjoying art and the environment, this is a particularly special project, and I’m excited to see it come to fruition as a space for this and future generations to enjoy.”

Kim Wilkie, Landscape Consultant

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