Earthwatch Europe

Inspiring the next generation to protect our planet

Saving the planet starts with muddy hands and splashing in puddles.

Many children in the UK, particularly those in inner cities, spend very little time in nature. Earthwatch Europe is changing all that – by showing teachers how to share with them a love of the outdoors and laying the foundations for a more sustainable future.

Our funding of £19,865 is supporting Earthwatch Europe to create a consortium of newly qualified teachers who are confident in leading sustainable learning and empowered to inspire their students to act for the planet. The grant is specifically funding the Teach Earth training programme which is being run in partnership with the London East Teacher Training Alliance during the 2021-22 school year.

  • Our grant of £19,865 is helping to train 70 pre-qualified teachers to deliver inspiring environmental education.
  • The consortium of teachers will inspire around 2,000 students every academic year to connect with nature.
  • In the UK around 90% of people live in towns or cities, meaning that many feel disconnected from nature and the environment.

Taking teaching into nature

Around 70 trainee teachers are receiving online learning sessions on topics such as climate change, biodiversity, citizen science and Tiny Forests in urban settings. Twenty of the trainee teachers will take their learning experience out into nature with a weekend residential in the woods. And an Educators Platform with lesson plans and activity guides will support them in delivering inspirational lessons.

Giving children the chance to get their hands dirty and connect with nature not only inspires a love for the planet. Spending time in nature is known to promote healthy and active lifestyles, support good mental health and resilience, and spark curiosity and experimentation.

By working with the next generation of primary school teachers in the Newham and Tower Hamlets area, we can equip them with the tools and confidence they need to lead inspiring environmental education and teach their pupils outside the classroom on a regular basis. Teachers are pivotal in creating the space for their students to build and maintain their connection to nature.”

Megan Evans, Learning & Engagement Manager, Earthwatch

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