Earthwatch Europe

Learning for a better future

Earthwatch Europe believes that teachers are key to preparing the next generation for the environmental challenges of the future. Their Teach Earth programme builds educators’ knowledge, confidence and motivation to inspire children and young people to become environmental change makers.

We are pleased to support Earthwatch Europe with a £25,000 grant for Teach Earth in London. This will fund up to 60 places on Teach Earth’s 12-month teacher training programme for early careers secondary school teachers in London and 20 places on a residential training weekend in the Oxfordshire countryside.

  • Since 2019 Teach Earth has engaged more than 2000 teachers through training programmes.
  • Young people’s connection to nature drops sharply from the age of 11 and doesn’t recover until they are 30.
  • As many as 18,000 students will benefit from Teach Earth’s teacher training.

Building teachers’ skills

Teach Earth training can improve student wellbeing. Children are spending less and less time outdoors even though nature has incredible benefits for young people’s personal, social and academic development. Teach Earth helps teachers to build connection to nature for students by teaching them how to make the most of outdoor learning. They work with teachers to make use of the natural space they already have and build their confidence to take students offsite to green spaces. After Teach Earth training, 85% of teachers say that they teach outdoors more often.

Teach Earth enhances the curriculum in the classroom too. Teach Earth’s training gives teachers expertise in environmental science and citizen science so they can integrate environmental themes into their teaching. Participants learn how to communicate climate change to students, how to manage climate anxiety and build their subject knowledge of environmental issues. More than 200 free, online curriculum-linked resources including lesson plans and student activity guides are available for teachers to use.

“Earthwatch relies on the generosity of individuals, trusts and businesses to fund our work. Teach Earth can provide a demonstration case to those in the sector and to governments on how empowering secondary school teachers with environmental learning can impact pupils’ knowledge, education and wellbeing for a greener future.”

Neil Bailey, Director of Philanthropy, Earthwatch

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