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Improving patient experience through training

For any hospital, having the right equipment available to assess and diagnose patients is vital. But making sure there are enough qualified staff to use that equipment is equally important – and an ongoing challenge. Training more staff to use scanners can prevent waiting lists from getting longer and patients needing to be referred to other hospitals.

That’s why we’re awarding a grant to St Bernard’s Hospital in Gibraltar to fund a staff member to train for a Postgraduate Certificate in Radiography (Computer Tomography – CT) at London City University. One of the hospital’s senior CT radiographers is due to retire. This training means a staff member can seamlessly transition into the position, helping prevent any gaps in the service and patients having to wait for potentially life-saving scans.​

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Enhancing skills, improving services

St Bernard’s Hospital has recently bought two CT scanners and needs staff with the expertise to use them effectively. The radiography training will address this skills gap. It also means there’s a someone at the hospital specifically qualified to perform heart (cardiac) scanning. This is a new service offered by St Bernard’s – at the moment, patients from Gibraltar may need to go to Spain for cardiac scans. A cardiac CT can identify blockages or narrowing of the arteries and detect problems with the pumping function of the heart which may indicate heart disease.

“Up-to-date medical training is a vital part of healthcare. We wanted to support the GHA to equip staff with skills and knowledge that could have a huge impact on patients, particularly if it means they don’t have to travel to Spain for investigations.”

Soma Pujari, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee, Kusuma Trust

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