Gibraltar Red Cross

Moving people and mobility equipment safely around Gibraltar

Over a decade ago, we gave a grant to the Gibraltar Red Cross to buy a van to help transport people to and from hospital appointments and deliver essential equipment. In 2023, it was time for an upgrade. This year’s grant of £30,155 is funding a new, specially modified vehicle, which will make a massive difference to people with mobility issues across Gibraltar.

The van is essential to much of the Red Cross’s work. The charity offers a ‘home delivery’ service to take and collect mobility and bathroom equipment for people who need it. Red Cross volunteers pick people up in their homes or care homes and take them to and from hospital appointments. The van will also take people to the local groups, such as one for people with Parkinson’s disease, and a  ‘falls class’, a weekly physiotherapy session to help people prone to falling be more secure when they are out and about.

  • The Red Cross Gibraltar has issued almost 1,000 wheelchairs, over 350 ‘strollators’ (a type of walking frame), 800 toilet aids and scores of other mobility equipment.
  • Hundreds of patients will be able to attend physiotherapy sessions, thanks to the Red Cross van service.
  • More than 650 Christmas gifts and treats will be delivered to care home residents and hospital patients with the help of the new van.

“Having a new vehicle which we can drive with pride will make a world of difference to both our volunteers at the office and the patients being transferred or receiving delivery/removal of their equipment. While the van facilitates our work, it also provides a great focal point locally so people can easily recognise us and often approach us for help whilst we are out in the community. Our heartfelt thanks to Kusuma Trust and their generosity in making this purchase possible.”

Lois Soiza, Welfare Officer, Gibraltar Red Cross

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