Gibraltar Youth Service

Inspiring young people in Gibraltar to look to the future

Gibraltar-based businesses are striving to foster local talent and encourage more young people to develop careers at home in Gibraltar.

We’ve supported two projects run by the Gibraltar Youth Service to help young people build their confidence and inspire their futures. The first is a careers website, launched in partnership with Gibraltar’s Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), the first of its kind in Gibraltar. Our funding will help keep the site populated with new content, which includes advice on career pathways, personal success stories and tips on improving job-hunting skills.

  • The Gibraltar Youth Service’s website reached 10,000 people in the first 5 months of being live.
  • 10 young people benefitted from the Gibraltar Youth Service cultural project and trip to Brighton – for 3 of them, it was their first experience travelling on a plane or train.
  • All cultural project participants are now in education training or employment.

Learning valuable life skills

We’ve also supported a cultural project and a visit to Brighton for 10 young people from Gibraltar. They earned their place on the trip by committing to a programme of community work, which taught them valuable transferable skills.

“Working together, the group had to make collective decisions and manage conflict through negotiation and compromise,’ says Sarah Wadsworth, Youth and Community Worker at the Gibraltar Youth Service. Fundraising for the trip also allowed group members to develop their confidence and customer service-related skills, such as managing money and expectations.

“The group are extremely grateful and excited to be given the opportunity to visit Brighton, a city that offers a lot of art and culture that they find comfort in and inspiration from,” says Sarah Wadsworth. “Some of the group have never travelled on a plane or visited the UK before, so this will be a very memorable trip for them.”

Having financial support from the Kusuma Trust for the careers website means we can continue to support young people in fully selecting and understanding their chosen career path, as well as supporting those who are at the stage of applying to job roles with tips and hints on how to best present themselves.

Charlene Figueras, Senior Youth Worker, Gibraltar Youth Service

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