Gibraltar World Music Festival

Celebrating music and culture at the Gibraltar World Music Festival

In 2016, musicians and artists from around the world came together in Gibraltar to celebrate the culture of Portuguese speaking countries at the annual Gibraltar World Music Festival.

Every year, Gibraltar’s young people are encouraged to get involved in the event. As one of the festival’s sponsors, we supported an extensive programme of activities for schools called ‘Come to My Home / Come to My School’ in partnership with the Ministry of Education. The goal was to create cultural activities that help cultivate a love of reading and art, music and poetry.

Our grant of £10,000 covered 15 workshops for Gibraltar’s schools. Over 600 students from 6 schools took partand were treated to performances from the festival’s musicians, dancers, poets and artists.

The Come to My Home / Come to My School programme was created by Driss Alaoui Mdaghri, a Moroccan poet, intellectual and former government minister. He says it’s ‘a call for mutual cultural dialogue between musicians, artists, poets and free thinkers from different faiths and backgrounds’.

  • The 2016 Gibraltar World Music Festival celebrated the cultures of Portuguese speaking countries and included musicians from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Verde.
  • Our grant of £10,000 funded 15 workshops for 600 students from 6 schools, as part of the ‘Come to My Home / Come to My School’
  • Founded in 2012, the annual music festival tells the story of a different region of the world or a specific style of music each year.

The highlight of Gibraltar’s cultural calendar

The Gibraltar World Music Festival started in 2012. Each year, the festival tells the story of a region of the world or a specific style of music with the ambition of delivering a strong message of peace, universalism and spirituality.

“The goal of this educational programme is to create a cultural activity that benefits students, cultivate a love of reading and art, music and poetry, and represent a valuable contribution to the cultural animation of Gibraltar. Artists from Morocco, Senegal, France, Italy USA, Spain, China, Japan, Mali, Burkina Faso, India, Australia, Iran, Turkey, Estonia and Canada will participate in this activity, which is organised in conjunction with the Department of Education.”
Gibraltar World Music Festival

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