Unlocking children’s academic potential

For families of children with speech, language and communication needs, getting the right advice and support can make a huge difference to their child’s experience at school – and beyond. But, for many the system can be baffling and slow, particularly when it comes to getting an assessment.

We gave a grant to children’s communication charity I CAN, so that more young people can be assessed by experts and get a clear understanding of their needs and options. I CAN supports children and young people with speech, language and communication needs. They have a means-tested fund to make sure children can get assessed regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. Our grant of £22,244 will go towards speech and language assessments for children from Greater London.

  • More than half of children with language disorders are not being identified by schools, meaning they miss out on the crucial assistance they need.
  • In 2020-21, more than 44,000 children and young people benefited from I CAN’ support, across our two special schools, helpline, regional projects and by taking part in interventions in early years settings and mainstream schools.
  • 84% of children narrowed the gap by 50% or more after taking part in a Talk Boost programme.

Supporting child development

A speech and language therapist, a specialist teacher and a child psychologist work together with each child. They look at areas of childhood development, such as social interaction, cognitive skills, learning abilities, sensory skills, and play. The team then put together recommendations for the families, detailing any specialist support they need.

These assessments will have a huge impact on children and families, equipping them with knowledge and tools to help their child, navigate the services available, and get the most effective support.

‘We are thrilled that more families will be able to access support from the Assessment Centre as a result of this donation. Parents tell us that the in-depth assessments we provide bring a deeper understanding of their child’s needs and empower them to have discussions with their child’s school and local authority about how to meet these needs. For children with speech and language difficulties, feeling understood and helped can be life changing.’

Sarah Billingham, Assessment Centre Manager

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