Islington Play Association

Improving understanding of the climate crisis

Knowing that climate change can feel like a remote concept to many children, Islington Play Association launched a project to improve local understanding of how we can all make a difference in our community. By involving children, young people and parents in a programme of fun and accessible themed activities, the charity aimed to change behaviour in the community and improve understanding of the simple measures everyone can take to help the environment.

Our grant of £34,400 funded Islington Play Association’s series of creative workshops in 2022. Around 130 children aged 6 to 12 had opportunities to explore, learn and think about how to protect their natural environment. Working with professional artists, they developed skills in different art forms – including 3D making, photography, creative writing and performance – as they created original artwork to share with their community.

  • Islington Play Association has been working for children’s rights for over 40 years.
  • A network of local food banks and community projects distributed ’tote bags’ and postcards to more than 2000 families.
  • More than 500 children took part in Islington Play Association’s creative workshops or interactive assemblies.

Eco learning for locals

In early summer, primary school children and their families created environment-themed bunting from reused fabrics for the Cally Festival, a local event celebrating culture and community in the borough. They made accessories from recycled newspaper to wear as they posed for ‘community climate kings and queens’ photographic portraits. Other creative endeavors included furniture- and object-making, nature-inspired poetry, and a life size sculpture of ‘Lily’, a climate champion super-hero character.

In October, children worked with artists to create more artworks and took part in a poetry celebration event for local families. They also created a live interactive climate themed assembly and delivered this in local primary schools. A cotton tote bag was designed and produced, which has been used to distribute winter food parcels to 300 local families.

“We support causes that make a positive difference to society including investing in our communities and green spaces. Islington Play Association’s work has helped young people, children, their families and local community members develop a better understanding of climate issues and of what action they can take individually – at home, in school or at work.”

Soma Pujari, Co-Founder and Executive Trustee, Kusuma Trust

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