Jamie’s Farm

Bringing life on the farm to young people in London 

 “Getting out doors and engaging with farm animals and activities gives children another way to express themselves and develop life skills,” says Soma, Kusuma Trust’s Executive Trustee. “It’s why we wanted to work with the charity Jamie’s Farm in Waterloo to offer some young people to experience first-hand the benefits of being involved in growing a garden, week-by-week.”

On a small strip of land near London’s Waterloo Station stands Oasis Farm – one of Jamie’s Farm’s five sites and its only city farm. The former wasteland is now home to piglets, lambs, chickens and guinea pigs. Kilos of fruit and veg grow and there’s an aquaponics system to cultivate salad leaves and educate visitors.

  • Our grant to Jamie’s farm will fund 160 young people to take part in a programme of activities to build their resilience and self esteem.
  • 35 children are excluded from school every day in the UK for disciplinary reasons.
  • In 2018/19, 60% of pupils who came to Jamie’s Farm at risk of exclusion were no longer at risk six months after their visit


Our grant of £18,500 will fund 130 young people struggling with behavioural challenges to take part in a programme of six weekly half-day visits to the farm. Another 30 young people will attend bespoke programmes to help improve their mental wellbeing, self-esteem, resilience and communication skills. Participants will grow food, cook, care for farm animals and take part in confidence building exercises. Different themes are introduced each week including: Embracing Opportunity; Resilience; Nurture and Gratitude; Individuality; and Personal and Team Celebration.

“We’re delighted to partner with this innovative programme that’s helping young people care for others, learn new skills and grow in confidence,” says Soma.

“I have grown in confidence and am more willing to try more activities than before and have been able to be more open to people about my feelings.
Jamie’s Farm programme participant

The use of reflection and sharing each other’s qualities and achievements is a great way of focusing students’ attention on the positives of each session.”
Teacher, Bacon’s College

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