KIDS Lady Allen Adventure Playground

Keeping adventure play inclusive

Adventure play has a crucial role in child development and should be accessible to children of all abilities. Yet, according to disability charity KIDS, more than 9 out of 10 parents of disabled children say their child misses out on recreational activities as a result of their disability. It’s why we wanted to support the KIDS Lady Allen Adventure Playground in south-west London – one of the few accessible playgrounds where disabled children can get adventurous.

Lady Allen has a tree house, zip wire and assorted climbing structures, designed specifically to support children and young people with specific needs, and their families. But after many years of use and exposure to the British weather, the playground was beginning to show its age. Some of the wood had deteriorated, leaving the structures no longer suitable for visitors who have a range of disabilities and conditions, including cerebral palsy, visual impairments, autism and ADHD.

  • 84% of parents or carers say their child’s confidence has improved since attending KIDS Lady Allen Adventure Playground.
  • 79% of parents or carers say their child sleeps better since attending KIDS Lady Allen Adventure Playground.
  • Lady Allen is one of the four adventure playgrounds in London run by national charity KIDS.

A safe space to play

In December 2020, we awarded a grant of £23,500 to renovate the playground. Our grant funded the replacement of tree houses and a climbing wall, as well as a climbing ramp and accessible tripod swing and we have just awarded another grant for the wide slide and access ramp.

Most children who come to clubs at the playground need intensive support from a trained, experienced keyworker. KIDS provides a safe, closed-access, fully-staffed facility to accommodate children with complex needs. The vital renovation and rejuvenation work we’re funding means disabled children will get to enjoy the site for years to come,ensuring they can be a part of the local community they live in.

“The work has had a transformative and immediate impact, with the benefits already being felt during sessions. With the recent good weather, it has made a huge difference being able to give the children unrestricted access to the structures with the swing proving an immediate favourite with its design enabling multiple children to use it together. Having the freedom to explore the treehouses, scramble up the wall and brave the wobbly bridge has brought much joy to the children we support after a very challenging year for them.”

Sarah Oram, Service Manager, Lady Allen Adventure Playground

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