East Riding Voluntary Action Services, Volunteen

Supporting more young people to get involved in volunteering

The benefits of volunteering are well documented – from learning new skills, to building confidence and self-esteem. We feel better when we do good.

In 2016, we gave a grant to the ‘Volunteen’ youth volunteering programme in East Yorkshire. Run by East Riding Voluntary Action Services, Volunteen makes sure young people have opportunities to volunteer, particularly those who might need extra support, such as those with disabilities and looked after young people.

They do this through their Volunteen Support Officers, who provide one-to-one support. They’ll start by discussing the young person’s interests and go on to arrange opportunities that will help them to develop confidence, self-esteem, skills and knowledge.

  • Our grant of £9,075 meant 45 young people were reached through youth groups visits and engaging with community groups.
  • 20 young people volunteered or were involved in a social project.
  • Volunteen arranged placements for young people in a range of organisations including the Scouts, nurseries, and a football club.

Boosting positive behaviour

Our grant of £9,075 meant 40 young people aged between 10 and 18 could receive one-to-one training and support. The funding also meat Volunteen could engage with a wide range of professionals, foster carers, and care-leavers teams to help each the young people the programme is aimed at.

By taking part in programmes like these, young people are diverted from risk taking behaviour, such as drugs and alcohol or running away. It also boosts their chances of getting a job.

“Through the social action projects delivered, the Volunteen project has tackled issues such as child sexual exploitation and offending and anti-social behavior. It’s helped increase aspirations and levels of attainment, ensuring more young people have been formally recognised for their volunteering activities.” 

Gemma Wallace, Volunteer Support Officer, East Riding Voluntary Action Services

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