Knit Gibraltar

The power of a good yarn

It can help with stress and reduce the risk of dementia. Do it in a group and it’s a great way to connect with people from different backgrounds and combat loneliness. Some people, like this group of Gibraltarians, do it for charity.

Knitting has the power to do good.

Knit Gibraltar is a group of around 34 people, aged from late teens to early 90s, representing around 10 different countries, who get together to knit or crochet. They meet every week and have been doing so since 2011.

Many of the items they make are given to charities in Gibraltar and Morocco. They’re used as raffle prizes or sold to raise funds. Charities they’ve supported include: Samaritans, Cancer Relief Gibraltar and RifCom, which supports people in poverty in Morocco’s Rif Mountains.

Knit Gibraltar is a great way for local people to develop new skills and hold on to old traditions. The group teaches new members to get started or improve their technique. They welcome everyone, particularly newcomers to Gibraltar, and are there to offer companionship for people who’ve been recently bereaved.

  • In 2021, Knit Gibraltar members produced 400 items for 15 local charities as well as the Gibraltar Elderly Residential Services.
  • In 2021, the group also knitted over 1,000 poppies for displays around Gibraltar and woolly hats for the Seaman’s Mission.
  • In March 2022, they knitted a range of items to send to support people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Supporting Knit Gibraltar to buy materials

To make a difference, you need a good yarn. So, we give a yearly grant to Knit Gibraltar to buy materials to make their products. We’ve supported the group with approximately £1,000 per year since 2018.

“We buy in bulk to benefit from offers and use acrylic yarn in a wide range of colours,” says Anna Serra from Knit Gibraltar. “With our grant from the Kusuma Trust we’ve been able to buy ample quantities of good quality yarns, so that our charitable donations are hardwearing and suitable for machine washing. Many of our members are expert knitters and crocheters, who pass on their skills to those who are at the beginning of their love affair with yarn.”

“Thanks to the Kusuma Trust who provide funding towards purchasing yarn, we are able to produce numerous handmade items in support of charitable causes and community projects.”

June Santos-Hailam, Knit Gibraltar

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