Kusuma Outstanding Young Faculty Fellowships

Supporting young academics at the start of their careers

Teaching at a world-class institution like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)Delhi is a valued and rewarding job. But, as salaries can’t compete with those in the commercial sector, many high-calibre people with the potential to be excellent lecturers choose to go into business instead.

Between 2008 and 2013 we funded a fellowship scheme to promote excellence and leadership in teaching at the university.

  • Kusuma Outstanding Young Faculty Fellowshipspromoted excellence and leadership in teaching at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi.
  • In 2008, we provided incentives for 29 bright young academics through the fellowship scheme.
  • In 2009, we increased the number of fellowships to over

High demand for talent

Kusuma Trust’s Co-Founder, Anurag, is an alumni ofIIT Delhi, where he studied Computer Science from 1990 to 1994. “This was an important part of my life journey,” he says. “IITs have a glorious past with significant contribution towards India’s and world development.”

Historically, IIT graduates either pursued further education in the US or joined industry where there are excellent opportunities for them and high demand for their talent. “This leaves the Institutes with a problem trying to retain students who could be interested in becoming faculty members,” says Anurag. “They’re lured away to the commercial world.”

It became obvious to Anurag that supporting young faculty members at the start of their career would be really useful, helping them become more established in the academic world. So Kusuma Trust developed a fellowship scheme in partnership with IIT Delhi giving grants to all faculty members below the age of 35 for five years. “Even though it was a modest amount, it was in recognition of their talent and their desire to enable the IITs for the future,” says Anurag.

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Impact of our Kusuma Excellence Fellowships

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