Little Village

It takes a Little Village

Supporting a child for the first five years of his or her life costs nearly £70,000 according to Moneyfarm. For the 43% of families with a child under the age of five in London living in poverty, even buying the essentials is challenging. Little Village helps by collecting, sorting and passing on pre-loved clothes and equipment to low-income families with children under the age of five. Their network of baby banks operates from five hubs in London. They support parents with advice and links to other services, such as food banks and the Citizens Advice Bureau, as well as high quality clothes and kit including buggies and beds.

We are proud to fund Little Village’s work with a grant of £100,000 towards their running costs. This will allow Little Village to help more families – in 2023 they expect to handle nearly 7,000 referrals and support more than 9,000 children. Our grant will allow Little Village to scale-up their Hounslow hub and benefit more children in our other two focus boroughs, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea.

  • Little Village has helped more than 18,000 children since 2016.
  • So far Little Village have provided more than £9.8m worth of baby equipment and clothes.
  • In 2022 Little Village saved £2.75m worth of items from landfill.

“When I got support from Little Village I was crying. The anticipation of getting any help at all was overwhelming. The selection of items I got was amazing. The clothes were clean and in great condition, outfits weren’t mismatched. My children didn’t have to be dressed in stuff that showed I needed help. I’ve donated clothes back now as well… It felt good to give back and make it a full circle.”


A Little Village parent

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