Meanwhile Gardens

A safe and fun place to play

“It’s a lifeline for us.”

This is something staff at the Meanwhile Gardens Playhut hear regularly about their community centre and gardens. The purpose-built space in North Kensington is a huge draw for local families with young children, especially those living in overcrowded flats. It’s not just the paddling pool, sandpit and variety of toys and equipment they benefit from, it’s the opportunity to meet up with other families, and form friendships and support networks through the Playhut’s social groups.

When the pandemic hit, the Playhut was forced to close. During that time, it became clear that some essential repairs were needed before it could reopen. We gave a grant of £10,183 to pay for a new boiler, new flooring and a fresh lick of paint. We’re delighted to have helped get the Playhut up and running again, giving children a safe space to play, learn and develop.

  • The Meanwhile Gardens Playhut first opened as an informal play facility in 1982.
  • From April 2019 to March 2020, there were 187 families registered with the Playhut.
  • A mix of mums, dads, grandparents and extended family members bring their children along to the Playhut.
“The Playhut is a vital family facility. It has helped so many local parents make life-long friendships and form supporting relationships with other local families. It also provides young children with social contact (very often their first) with other young children. They learn to play together, share and communicate and learn social skills. The Playhut prepares young children for starting school and gives adult carers an opportunity to share their concerns in a safe and supportive environment.”
Chandrika Dalpat, Project Manager, Meanwhile Gardens Community Association

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