Equipping young people with financial skills for life

The way we think about money starts from a young age. According to research from the Money and Pensions Service, attitudes and financial behaviours are formed as early as 5 years old. But too few UK children receive an effective financial education, putting them at high risk of financial poverty and debt from an early age.

Good habits last a lifetime. That’s why we’re supporting MyBnk to deliver their Money Twist Key Stage 2 Programme. Throughout the 2021-2022 academic year, our grant of £19,780 is helping to deliver 23 training programmes across London, introducing up to 650 young people to the world of money.

  • MyBnk has worked with over 1,260 schools and youth organisations across the UK, and reached over 275,000 young people since 2007.
  • Independent evaluation showed that following MyBnk primary school programmes, 70% of pupils are now pursuing a savings goal.
  • Our grant of £19,780 is helping to deliver 23 training programmes, introducing 650 young people to the world of money.

Financial education that makes an impact

The Money Twist programme teaches 7 to 11 year olds to set positive money habits and mindsets – including saving and budgeting. Sessions are delivered in the classroom by expert trainers, who know how to make teaching effective and impactful for young people.

Sessions are complemented by resources for teachers and parents or carers. Case studies, games, videos and popular culture are all used to encourage students to explore and form their own opinions about money and a positive relationship with it.

“Our lasting and profound ambition is that children leave the sessions feeling confident to talk and learn about money. This will set them up to make good choices for themselves now and in the future.”

Guy Rigden, CEO, MyBnk

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