Sarvodaya Ashram, Pehcahaan programme

Supporting girls to move into secondary education

Sarvodaya Ashram in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, is a voluntary organisation that runs innovative programmes to help keep girls in education. We partnered with the Ashram between 2011 and 2015.

The Pehchaan accelerated learning programme was designed to get girls aged 12 to 15 ready to transition from middle school to secondary school. However, because of a lack of secondary schools in villages, girls were dropping out again after class 8. Pehcahaan offers a residential bridging school to support girls to continue through class 9 and class 10.

Specially trained teachers helped girls reintegrate into the school system. The programme offered a positive, stimulating and inclusive environment, where girls were encouraged to learn through physical activity, creativity, dance, music, art and crafts.

Read our impact evaluation of the Pehchaan programme.

  • The Sarvodaya Ashram is a voluntary organisation focusing on education, health, women’s empowerment, and agricultural development.
  • We funded the ashram to deliver an accelerated residential education programme. Pehchaan enabled 137 older girls to complete middle school and enrol in secondary school.
  • We also partnered with the Ashram on the Udaan programme, which worked with younger girls.
“After coming here, I came to understand the real meaning of having a dream. Today, my dream is to become an engineer and my teachers have shown me the way to achieve that dream.”
Sarvodaya Ashram student

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