Pursuing Independent Paths

Bridging the gap

Many young people with a learning disability need support to live the lives they want. That’s where Pursuing Independent Paths (PiP) comes in. The charity based in the London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea works with young people to move towards independence and achieve their ambitions.

Our grant of £65,490 for PiP’s ‘Bridging the Gap’ project will support 45 young adults with learning disabilities to develop skills, confidence and knowledge. There are three key elements to the project: Transition support (from children’s to adult services), outreach and employability support, and social sessions.

  • Our grant to Pursuing Independent Paths (PiP) will help 45 people with learning disabilities get support to achieve their ambitions.
  • PiP has four key focus areas: independent living skills; employment and training; health, wellbeing and happiness; and creative and performing arts.
  • PiP plan to double the number of people they help over the next five years.

Targeted support for young adults

The move from children’s services, sixth form and further education colleges to adult services can be challenging for all young people. Transition support is there to help 16 to 25-year-olds with learning disabilities at this crucial stage. The project will reach young people through open days and showcase events, roadshows with schools, colleges and youth clubs, as well as short courses and holiday programmes.

PiP’s outreach programme supports 25 to 35-year-olds into work and greater independence. The aim is to help build community and social networks. The programme includes small group outings, supported visits to new places, travel training to be able to visit favourite places independently to encourage confidence and social skills. PiP works with local authorities and GP surgeries to identify young adults with learning disabilities who would most benefit from outreach.

Thanks to a new PiP programme, Culture Buddies, adults with learning disabilities have the chance to enjoy music, cultural events and make new friends in monthly meet-ups run by volunteers.

“I wish I’d found PiP earlier because only now am I on the road to meeting my dream.”

Shardonnay, a 27-year-old PiP member who has a learning disability and autism

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