Science Museum: Science Week Gibraltar

Bringing science to life

Exploding rockets and fake blood were among the items inspiring the next generation of young scientists during Gibraltar’s much-loved Science Week.

We funded London’s Science Museum to come to Gibraltar and deliver demonstrations and interactive workshops to students for one week each year between 2010 and 2016. Tied in with the curriculum, the fun yet practical sessions helped bring science to life outside the classroom.

Science Week aims to improve the image of science, connect science to everyday life and help to motivate thousands of students to continue to study the subject. The week includes workshops for year nine students (aged 13-14), and bespoke science themed shows for students with special education needs.

  • We funded a Science Week for schools in Gibraltar every year between 2010 and 2016.
  • The event grew and grew – for the last few years each Science Week reached more than 2,500 students.

Inspiring educational experiences

Our grant of £110,986 over six years paid for the shows and workshops, promotional materials, transport for students, and learning resources for the weeks.

Examples of the live shows and workshops included:

  • The Human Digestive System – a dynamic and gross show looked at food groups, balanced diets and digestion by following the journey of food through the human body.
  • Material World – students had a glimpse at the weird and wonderful world of material, from Jelly Babies to Barbie Dolls…
  • Water Transporter – students were challenged to transport water across a 2-metre gap without carrying it. The solution? A funnel, bamboo canes, guttering, string, hosing, plastic sheeting, elastic bands… and a heap of ingenuity.


“The Science Museum’s Outreach team created truly inspiring experiences for school pupils,”says Anurag, Kusuma Trust’s Founding Trustee. “It’s something that really resonates with the Trust’s ambition to improve access to opportunities and education and we were delighted to fund Science Week.”

“Museums are often associated with history but the Science Museum presentations inspire the younger generation to develop their enjoyment of science.” 

Darren Grech, Chief Secretary of Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar and former Director of Education

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Kusuma Trust Excellence Prize

Open to students who gain exceptional results at A-level or at undergraduate level, each successful applicant is given a one-off grant of £3,000.