Social Farms and Gardens

Supporting London’s community gardens and farms

City farms and community gardens help Londoners in many ways. They address mental and physical health issues, hunger and loneliness; improve biodiversity; and provide opportunities for learning, volunteering and career development. To succeed, they need to invest in the professional development and wellbeing of their staff, trustees and volunteers; develop as organisations; and build partnerships, but they often lack the resources to do so. Social Farms and Gardens (SF&G) offers nature-based organisations training and advice so they can support their people.

We’re delighted to award SF&G a grant of £65,180 for their work in London named ‘Londoners’ Natural Future Together’. This will fund bespoke development for more than 300 nature-based organisations and strengthen partnerships between them so they can do even more for their communities. 

  • SF&G currently have 242 members in London and 2694 across the UK.
  • SF&G has supported nature-based organisations for over 42 years.
  • SF&G analysis has found that taking part in community garden activities can reduce GP appointments for non-clinical anxiety and depression; help keep people from re-offending and out of prison; and provide education or training for 18-24 years old who would otherwise be not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Stronger together

Londoners’ Natural Future Together will give city farms and community gardens in London access to training days, networking tours, larger events including a London Harvest Festival, and written or one-to-one guidance. This will help participants manage their organisation’s finances, staff, volunteers and sites; join forces with other local organisations to promote collaboration; and support staff and volunteer wellbeing.

SF&G aims to reach more than 600 participants with our funding. They’ll develop events and training opportunities together, create cross-organisational volunteering and career development pathways, and work together to speak out for the value of London’s nature-based spaces and activities. Each of the 600 participants will have an impact on 21 further people meaning that Londoners’ Natural Future Together will benefit more than 12,500 people over the year


What makes SF&G’s training so useful is that it is focused on City Farms and Community Gardens in London and we have so many problems and issues in common.

Manager of a London-based community garden

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