Sparsh Hospice

New palliative care facility opens in Hyderabad

Having the right care can make the world of difference to someone at the end of their life – and to the family and friends around them.

In 2011, the Sparsh Hospice opened in Hyderabad, India, to provide comfort, as well as medical care, to people with terminal cancer. It focuses on improving the patient’s quality of life by addressing the person as a whole, instead of just their illness. The team includes qualified doctors, nurses and caregivers, as well as counsellors. They also offer emotional support to family members, helping prepare them for the death of their loved ones – something that’s not always possible in hospitals. All the care and support they provide is free of charge, including accommodation and food, medical and professional services, and medications.

  • 20,000 Hyderabad residents are diagnosed with cancer each year, 12,000 of whom are in an advanced stage.
  • 2,500 patients have been treated free of charge at the Sparsh Hospice since 2011.
  • The new 58,000 square foot building will hold 70 beds.
The Sparsh Hospice has already provided care to over 2,500 patients. It currently has 12 beds, but they want to expand to 70 to meet the needs of the people in Hyderabad. In 2019, we gave a grant of £21,768 towards this new hospice.

Sparsh has been given 1.2 acres of land on a long lease by the Government. Construction has started on a modern environmentally-friendly building, with a mix of single rooms and wards. The facility includes green open spaces, a dining room, games room and an auditorium for conferences and movie screenings for patients and their families.

“We feel privileged to receive a grant from Kusuma Trust UK. This will be used as a building fund for the upcoming 70-bed Hospice at Khajaguda, Hyderabad. Your generous philanthropic contribution has brought us closer to achieving our dream of coming up with a state-of-the-art facility for terminal patients looking for palliative hospice care. We thank you once again for joining hands with us in taking this noble cause.” 
Ram Mohan Rao Yarrapothu, Trustee and CEO, Sparsh Hospice – an Initiative of Rotary Club of Banjara Hills Charitable Trust

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