St Bernard’s Hospital

Improving patient experience with the latest technology

“As technology develops, hospitals have to strive to keep up so they can give the best possible healthcare,” says Soma, our Executive Trustee. “This requires consistent investment in equipment and we are happy to partner with St Bernard’s to deliver that to the residents of Gibraltar.”

In 2011, we gave a grant of £35,746 to replace one of the hospital’s old ventilators with a model that’s easier to operate and more comfortable for patients. The new machine helps doctors and nurses find the best settings for each patient, makes coming off the ventilator easier, and reduces staff workload in the process.

The government matched our contribution and funded a second ventilator. “We were delighted about this,” says Soma. “This meant both ventilators in the hospital were replaced with modern ones, improving the patient experience.”

Dominique Searle, who advises Kusuma Trust Gibraltar said: “I had the misfortune of being ill enough to almost be put on a ventilator and the good fortune of being in the very capable hands of the doctors and nurses at St Bernard’s, our local hospital. Hopefully the need for ventilators will be low but I know that additional equipment will always be useful and appreciated by the Gibraltar Health Authority and its professional staff.”

We were extremely pleased to receive the donation and we used the occasion to add another machine to our complement. The Gibraltar Health Authority now has four similar machines meaning that we are very well resourced for care of ventilated patients.”
Dr David McCutcheon, former Chief Executive, Gibraltar Health Authority

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