St Paul’s Girls’ School, bursary programme

Supporting outstanding education

What do the first female president of the Confederation of British Industry, Dame Helen Alexander, DNA scientist Rosalind Franklin and actor Rachel Weisz have in common?

They’re among a long list of distinguished alumni from St Paul’s Girls’ School in London.

We gave a donation of £25,000 to fund a pupil to attend the school for three years. The bursary programme is one of the school’s top priorities and gives financial assistance to 94 pupils – about 13% of the student population. The school’s target is to reach 20% over time.

“St Paul’s is a consistently high performing school,” says Soma, Kusuma Trust’s Executive Trustees. “Their alumni list is full of accomplished women in science, politics, journalism and more. While all the subjects are outstanding, the school makes a great deal of keeping the students engaged with the evolving world of science and technology – something the Kusuma Trust is very keen to support.”

  • Our grant of £25,000 will fund a pupil to attend St Paul’s Girls’ School.
  • 12% of the students receive a bursary and the school’s aim is to grow this over time to 20%.
  • The school has strong links with the community and partnership initiatives.

Giving back to the community

The school has strong links with the community and partnership initiatives where the girls come together to learn with students from other state and public schools.

“We love the fact that 12% of the girls at the school have some form of bursary support,” says Soma. “And we want to increase it. Our experience is that when promising students are given opportunities to access outstanding education they want to give back to their communities. It gives them the confidence to achieve their dreams and inspire others around them.”

“The bursary programme is one of our school’s top priorities and it’s only thanks to generous support that we are able to offer financial assistance to 94 pupils – giving them a transformational start in life.”
Rosemary Torrington, Foundation Director, St. Paul's School for Girls

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