Gibraltar Sustainability Awards 2020

Celebrating sustainability in Gibraltar and beyond

“At Kusuma Trust, we’ve always been committed to investing in our local community and environment,” says Soma, our Executive Trustee. “But we also want to invest in the future. That’s where the Gibraltar Sustainability Awards come in.”

Set up by HM Government of Gibraltar’s Office of the Commissioner for Sustainable Development and Future Generations, the Awards celebrate commitment and best practice in tackling sustainability challenges. As they showcase the impressive work that’s being done, the Awards also encourage others to adopt sustainable practices in their businesses and organisations.

The Awards are open to individuals, community organisations, clubs, charities and associations. There are 12 categories recognising initiatives in a range of areas, such as health and wellbeing and socio-economic issues including alleviating poverty and hunger, gender and social inequalities, and the circular economy.

“Sustainability is about much more than environmental concerns,” says Soma. “It’s about fulfilling our needs today without compromising the needs of our future generations. These values were built in most of our traditional communities and it’s important to uphold them and pass them on to the next generation.”

Our grant of £12,000 supported the costs involved with the Gibraltar Sustainability Awards night, which was broadcast by GBC (Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation).

  • Our grant of £12,000 supported the first-ever Gibraltar Sustainability Awards. The televised ceremony took place in October 2020.
  • The Gibraltar Sustainability Awards received 52 nominations. There were 14 winners and 4 runners up.
  • Communities have been challenged by the UN to solve the world’s toughest sustainability challenges by 2030 – the Gibraltar Sustainability Awards acknowledges the good work that is taking place to address these challenges.

Gibraltar Sustainability Awards winners

Kusuma Trust would like to congratulate everyone who entered the Awards for the amazing work they do in Gibraltar. The winners are:

* Engagement for Sustainability (community): Action for Housing and GBC Viewpoint Programme
* Sustainable Technology: Girls In Tech
* Education for Sustainability:  St Bernards First School
* Sustainable Events: Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games
* Sustainable Food: Calentita Festival
* Sustainable Business: Gibraltar Shine Easy Ltd
* Sustainable Engagement (Business): Chestertons and Carmel Khalilian
* Regional Impact: Instituto de Estudios Campogibraltareños
* Planning, Design and Construction: North Gorge Ltd
* Sustainability in Sport and Leisure: Gibraltar 2019 NatWest International Island Games
* Ministers Future Generations Award: #GibraltarSchoolStrike4Climate and Joyful Riot
* Gibraltar’s 2020 Young Champion: Iona Sacarello

“We are grateful to Kusuma Trust for partnering with us in our inaugural year. The Trust has a long-standing commitment to sustainable development. It was important to us that our main sponsor shared our values as well as had a track record of acting socially responsibly. We enjoyed working with the Trust to recognise those who are making a positive difference in our community and region.”


Professor Daniella Tilbury, Gibraltar’s first Commissioner for Sustainable Development

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