Teacher Professional Development

Supporting teachers to improve their skills

Initial training will never be able to prepare teachers for every challenge they’ll face in the classroom. Continuous professional development is vital, helping teachers grow their skills and learn how and when to adapt their practices.

Udbhav, meaning ‘to rise from’, was the Kusuma Foundation’s Teacher Professional Development programme for science, maths and English teachers in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, and Sambalpur, Odisha. The programme aimed to improve teaching practices through training and mentoring teachers, school visits by experienced teachers, as well as bespoke teaching and learning materials.

  • 808 teachers and 50 head teachers received professional development support through the Teacher Professional Development programme.
  • It reached more than 24,600 science and English and maths students in 92 government and aided schools in Uttar Pradesh and 25 government schools in Odisha.
  • In 2019, Transform Schools brought elements of the Teacher Professional Development programme to three new states (Chhattisgarh, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh), reaching more than 43,500 teachers in 12,123 government schools.


Professional development in more schools around India

The programme was initially a part of Kusuma Schools Partnership Initiative for whole school improvement. Following this, it became a standardised part of all the schools programmes. Content was generated for teachers and students that was shared with several States for their own learning improvements for classes 9 and 10.

State governments recognised the impact of the Kusuma School Partnership Initiative programme and wanted to scale up certain elements of it, including parts of Teacher Professional Development. Kusuma Foundation and Transform Schools worked with governments in Odisha, Chaatisgarh Haryana and Himachal Pradesh and advised other NGOs and governments on improving their own professional development programmes.

Feedback and coaching for teachers

A unique part of the Teacher Professional Development Programme is the District Resource Group. Made up of experienced professionals, the group provides structured feedback and coaching to help improve the teachers skills in the classroom. The Group receive training and resources before going out to schools and observing teachers in the classroom. They facilitate a coaching session and together create a professional development plan.

“There are many ways to ensure student participation in the classroom. Small changes by the teacher, such as asking questions in different ways or giving clues that lead to correct responses, aid learning. The training from Kusuma focused on developing practical teaching approaches that can be used in the classroom. Thanks to Kusuma for this.”  
Dilip Podha, English teacher at Sahaspur High School in Sambalpur

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