Transform Schools

Improving teaching, learning and school management

Many young people in India don’t get the education they deserve. Their teachers haven’t had the training they need to inspire students and improve learning. Head teachers and school governing committees lack the management skills to run their schools effectively.

That’s why we’re continuing to support a range of programmes that will transform education in India’s state schools, reaching over 2 million students.

  • There are 39 million secondary students across the country, 70% of children aged 13 don’t have appropriate learning levels.
  • Since 2019 we have awarded grants totalling over £700,000 to support the work of Transform.
  • In 2019 their programmes reached more than 2.3 million students, and over 111,000 teachers from 70,000 different schools.

Tools for teachers, students and schools

Since 2019, we have awarded over £700,000 to Transform to cover the costs of Transform Schools, to work in over 70,000 government secondary schools to improve the education for the young people. Their work focuses on improving school governance and teaching, and providing support to State education departments. It also includes a programme to make sure children have the skills for secondary school. Transform provides rigorously tested tools and training to teachers, students, governing bodies and parents. They aim to improve the learning outcomes of over 2 million children.

Transform Schools evolved from a programme of work developed and tested in India by Kusuma Foundation, supported by Kusuma Trust in the UK. Lessons learnt from doing this work, and evaluating its impact, have been used to successfully support and influence State governments to expand programmes around the country.

We’re now supporting Transform Schools to become an independent charity. By 2021, Transform Schools aims to improve learning levels of 6.5 million children in partnership with seven States governments and working with donors. As a result, young people will have a better chance of going on to higher education and more career opportunities.


“Transform is offering programmes addressing the gaps in education in India in partnership with government. Their focus on secondary education makes them unique and they have made a perceptible impact in the schools they have worked with. It is therefore no surprise to see Transform grow in to new States over the years. I am looking forward to seeing them continue on this strong trajectory and more stakeholders supporting them in their mission of improving education in the country.”
Soma Pujari, Executive Trustee, Kusuma Trust

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Teacher Professional Development

Close to 25,000 Indian students benefitted from a dedicated programme of training and support for their teachers.