Our Gibraltar Story

We moved to Gibraltar in early 2004 having travelled and worked in various parts of the world. We fell in love with the peace, harmony and energy of this gem of a place at the southern tip of Europe overlooking the Straits. Even though we currently live in London; we do visit Gibraltar often and have close links and of course fond memories.

Soon after we arrived, we were fortunate to engage with a few local community projects and donated small ad-hoc grants. As time passed on we wanted to formalise and consolidate our grant making to make it more sustainable and impactful. This led to setup of Kusuma Trust Gibraltar (KT-Gib) in 2008.

Over the last 11 years we have initiated and supported education programmes, worked with local charities to operate more efficiently and partnered with community and cultural groups and events. We have also encouraged individuals to reach their full potential through our excellence awards and professional development scheme.

Our education programmes promote excellence and give students the opportunity to develop their knowledge and gain new experiences outside of the classroom. We work in partnership with organisations and educators that have similar aims to us. We also aim to give teachers opportunities to participate in training and development session to ensure that students in Gibraltar are given the best opportunity to continue their education beyond secondary school.

We value the difference that community organisations and charities make to the community in Gibraltar. We aim to make a positive contribution to the local community through supporting events and local projects. We work with charities to offer them support through grants and the opportunity to participate in training, mentoring and networking events.

Today, as a philanthropic trust, we continue to give grants to causes, organisations and people that are making a positive difference to society and that enhance life in Gibraltar. Our hope for the Kusuma trust and the future is that we continue make a difference to the world around us, in whatever ways we can. And in doing so, we will pass on our values to the next generation, so that they can continue to engage in society around them.

Anurag and Soma