The Kusuma Excellence Prize is a one-off grant of £3,000 and is awarded annually to students who perform exceptionally well at A-level or undergraduate level, obtain a place at a leading university and are involved in voluntary work within the community. The prize is an incentive for high achieving students from Gibraltar to pursue their chosen subject and have the best possible opportunities to study at the best universities.

This year, due to the exceptional standard of applications, we are delighted to announce that an unprecedented eight Excellence Prizes have been awarded to local students in recognition of their academic achievements and their contribution to the community.

* Daniel Jess studying MSCi Theoretical Physics at University College London.
* Katerina Zagurova studying BA History at the University of Oxford.
* Natalie Yeo studying BEng Civil Engineering at the University of Bath.
* Sophie Macdonald studying BA English at the University of Cambridge.
* Jeremy Victor studying BMBS Medicine at the University of Plymouth.
* Theresa Payas studing BSc Mathematics at the University of Lancaster.
* Zacariah Parkin studying BSc Physics at the University of Durham.
* Annalee Wellend studying for a Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology at UCL.

After what has been a difficult and challenging year, we would like to congratulate all those who applied and in particular those who were awarded a Kusuma Trust Excellence Prize. You can read more about the Excellence awards here.