On the 2 January, we were very happy to award our second grant to People for Action in India. The grant of £220,000 will go towards their Transform Initiative. This initiative works with State governments and their schools to improve learning outcomes for children. Their work focuses on an accelerated learning programme, improving school leadership and management, and advocating for improvements within the education system.

This year they will be working with five State governments at an even larger scale having piloted a lot of the work last year. This increase means they will go from supporting over 2 million students last year to over 4.5 million students this year. They will also be working with more than 99,000 schools and over 200,000 teachers. We have been really pleased to see the growth that People for Action has had over the last year and we look forward to supporting them this year on their ongoing journey.

You can read more about our partnership with People for Action here.