Gibraltar Health Authority

High quality care for sick babies in Gibraltar

In Gibraltar, sick babies and pregnant women at high risk have to be transferred to Spain or the UK for treatment – a time-consuming, stressful and expensive journey. To help avoid this, the Gibraltar Health Authority is setting up a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the Paediatric Department at St Bernard’s Hospital. It means premature and very sick newborns can be cared for in Gibraltar. Our grant of £70,000 will buy essential new equipment, which includes an incubator and imaging equipment.

                          • 1 in 10 infants are born premature.
                          • The team expects 10 admissions per month to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
                          • Our grant of £70,000 will help fund an incubator and imaging equipment.

                          Investing in neonatal services

                          The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is likely to receive an estimated 10 admissions per month. By treating babies in Gibraltar, the health service will save money – which can be invested back into the hospital’s neonatal care service.

                          Our previous grant to the Gibraltar Health Authority funded a high-end patient simulator of a preterm baby, used to deliver training for emergency and neonatal care. Read about ‘Baby Paul’ here.

                          “We believe this unit will be a great addition to the exceptional healthcare provided by St Bernard’s Hospital. We are happy that parents undergoing the stress of having to care for their unwell newborns will be able to do so in the care and support of their friends and family in Gibraltar.”
                          Dr Soma Pujari, Executive Trustee, Kusuma Trust

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