Kusuma Resource Centres


Bringing the community together through learning

“It’s really important for teachers, students and parents to have somewhere to go, outside of the classroom, where they can really connect with education,” says Soma, Kusuma Trust’s Executive Trustee. “That’s why we funded the Kusuma Resource Centres.”

Students could use the centre’s computers and internet access to study or get careers advice and learn aboutjob opportunities. Teachers could focus on professional development and peer learning. “The centres were also community hubs,” says Soma. “Somewhere for the rest of the community to improve their knowledge.”

Each Kusuma Resource Centre had a library, computer suiteand educational resources such as games and films. They offered free training and events – including spoken English and computer courses; science, maths, geography and history workshops; and book and movie clubs.

  • Almost 9,000 students, teachers and members of the community benefitted from Kusuma Resource Centres.
  • We funded two main Kusuma Resource Centres and four satellite centres in remote schools in Hardoi and Sambalpur.

More learning opportunities

We initially funded two Kusuma Resource Centres in Hardoi and Sambalpur in 2013, and  in 2015, four satellite centres were launched in remote schools in these areas.

Kusuma Resource Centres were part of the Kusuma Schools Partnership Initiative (KSPI) which supported schools to improve education.

The centres were handed over to government schools in Hardoi and Sambalpur in 2018, which were able to offer more learning opportunities for the local community.

“When I used to see my teacher use a computer, I would be overawed. Computers were just machines that we saw in class but never dared to touch. The centre has made it possible for me to learn about computers from professionals. I am really thankful to Kusuma for this opportunity.”

Deepak Badhei, high school student, Sambalpur

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