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Browse or filter to find stories about our past and present grants. We do not accept unsolicited applications for funding – instead we select our partnerships based on shared values and mutual interests: creating access to opportunities, improving health and well-being, and investing in our communities and environment.

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Access to Opportunity
Geography: Gibraltar | Year: 2016

Gibraltar World Music Festival

Gibraltar’s annual cultural festival offers an inspirational programme of music, art and poetry. In 2016, we sponsored workshops for over 600 young people.

Access to Opportunity
Geography: United Kingdom | Year: 2016-2017

Team up, West London Tuition Programme

An inspiring role model can change a young person’s perspective. Team Up work with pupils from low income backgrounds to help them at school.

Geography: India | Year: 2014-2016

Pratham Education Foundation study

What factors influence a child’s transition from primary to secondary school in India? We funded Pratham Education Foundation to find answers.

Community & Environment
Geography: Gibraltar | Year: 2010-2016

Gibraltar International Dance Festival

It’s hosted in Gibraltar – but attracts dancers from around the world…

Access to Opportunity
Geography: India | Year: 2013-2016

Kusuma Excellence Awards

Teachers have the capacity to change lives. The Kusuma Excellence Awards were designed to recognise the difference teachers make to their schools and students.

Access to Opportunity
Geography: United Kingdom | Year: 2016-2017

Bright Futures, Aiming Higher Project

The longer a young woman stays out of education or the job market, the deeper the impact can be.

Health & Wellbeing
Geography: Gibraltar | Year: 2012-2016

Physical Activities Association for Mature Older Adults (PAAMOA)

Our grants have been making sure older people in Gibraltar have the chance to exercise safely.

Geography: United Kingdom | Year: 2012-2014

Centre For Social Justice, Breakthrough Britain II

Is the UK education system failing disadvantaged young people? We funded research from the Centre for Social Justice to find answers and propose evidence-based solutions.

Access to Opportunity
Geography: United Kingdom | Year: 2012-2013

Thomas’s Schools Foundation, ICT Homework Clubs

Primary school children who don’t have computers at home miss out on developing integral skills. ICT Homework Clubs provided the computers, space and support needed.