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Browse or filter to find stories about our past and present grants. We do not accept unsolicited applications for funding – instead we select our partnerships based on shared values and mutual interests: creating access to opportunities, improving health and well-being, and investing in our communities and environment.

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Health & Wellbeing
Geography: Gibraltar | Year: 2014

Prostate Cancer Support Group

We helped Gibraltar’s Prostate Cancer Support Group to set up a clinic with state-of-the-art equipment that has the potential to save many lives.

Access to Opportunity
Geography: India | Year: 2011-2015

Sarvodaya Ashram, Pehcahaan programme

Adolescent girls who’d had to drop out of school were helped back into mainstream education.

Access to Opportunity
Geography: India | Year: 2008-2012

Sarvodaya Ashram, Udaan programme

We partnered with Sarvodaya Ashram to provide innovative programmes that help girls stay in education.

Geography: India | Year: 2011-2015

Impact of Sarvodaya Ashram’s learning programme for girls

Can an accelerated learning programme improve girls’ attainment, attitudes to education and aspirations for the future? Our research suggests it can.

Access to Opportunity
Geography: India | Year: 2011-2015

The Akshaya Patra Foundation – Midday Meals

In 1995, in response to child malnutrition, the Government of India launched the National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education.

Community & Environment
Geography: Gibraltar | Year: 2013-2014

Gibraltar Philanthropy Forum

A forum to promote charitable giving and support individuals and businesses to make a difference was set up in Gibraltar in 2013.

Access to Opportunity
Geography: India | Year: 2009-2011

iPartner India

Find out how a small UK-based organisation is helping create a more just and equitable society in India

Health & Wellbeing
Geography: Gibraltar | Year: 2011

Calpe House Charitable Trust

Calpe House provides a ‘home from home’ for Gibraltarian’s who travel to London for essential medical treatment.

Access to Opportunity
Geography: India | Year: 2008-2013

Tata Institute of Social Sciences & Sadhana – Saarathi Manual

With almost one fifth of all children in the world living in India child welfare is hugely important, yet it is severely underfunded.